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Welcome at my domain "anime shuushuu"! I hope you like your stay here and maybe you want to visit my oekaki board or write an entry into my guestbook. ^_^


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Added one more new page of mine: the Tomb Raider 2 fanlisting. This made me reminisce those days with my best gal pal while watching Tomb Raider -- me drinking beer from the best beer fridge and her sipping on chilled juice from the best beverage cooler which my mom bought online, thanks to The Cooler List.

Gee-chan (2006 08.18.)

Deleted 2 hosted sites that talk about Spanish side dish recipes (sites being dead for more than half a year) and took down "Let's dance!" because of some serious legal problems (visit the site to read more).

Gee-chan (2006 08.14.)

Added 2 new fanlistings again: Tomb Raider 4 and Ai no Uta (title song from the game Pikmin).

Gee-chan (2006 08.06.)

4 months have past since the last update. Besides the new layout I added the 2 new pages of mine (Russian Chocolate Cheesecake FL and Chii x Sumomo FL). ^^

Gee-chan (2006 05.29.)

CONTACT ME HERE: Gee@anime-shuushuu.com