title: Fight For Love
online since: 2004 01.12.
comment: Well... 4 months have past since I changed the layout the last time. After the white Kanon version there is now this red Fushigi Yuugi one. The picture has been scanned by me from the artbook. For those of you who do not know about Fushigi Yuugi. It's one of Yuu Watase's most popular mangas and the pic shows Miaka  and Tamahome (the main characters). For more and much detailed infos about this manga and anime visit
The Fire of Suzaku's Wings. Oh, and used font for the title is "for my lover".


The Anime Shuushuu was born at April 20th 2001. At that time it was still at a free webspace server. But after some month that provider was finishing it's service and so I had to look for another home for the Anime Shuushuu. I found one but that one was not as nice as the one I had in the beginning. So I decided to register a domain name and moved the site there. All that time the site consisted of a German and an English version both with a different layout.
In the middle of March 2003 I decided to completely change the whole Anime Shuushuu in it's structure. The result is what you can see now. A main collective site and lots of independent sites where you can find the stuff I had at the Anime Shuushuu before. A new thing I started with this change is the option to host other sites. But due to the fact that there seemed to be no interest in being hosted I removed that "feature" again (anyway if there is someone reading this with the wish of being hostee just
email me, k? ^_~ ). Ok that's it until now. ^^