Welcome at "Little Angel" the official Pitaten fanlisting approved by AFl ! ^_^ For those of you who don't know what a fanlisting is... this is a site for all fans of a particular subject. Like a way of uniting fans you could say. ^_^ So at this site I hope to unite fans all over the world who are interested in the anime/manga "Pitaten" by Koge-Donbo, the same mangaka who created Digi Charat and Kamichama Karin! So if you're a fan, I hope you join.


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Like every fanlisting site this one has some simple rules that you have to follow if you want to be added to the members list.

[1] Of course you must be a Pitaten fan! ^_~
[2] You need to tell me your name and country!
[3] You don't have to own a website in order to join. But you need to have a valid email adress! If you do have a website it's required that you put up the code that links back to this site.
[4] You have to put up the code before joining! When I check your site and I don't find the code you still will be added but not your website! And keep the code up! When I don't find the code on later check-ups I will remove the site.

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